Monthly Archives: June 2014

No need to worry…

We’re away on holiday, having a lovely relaxing time except for the niggling concerns about my plants, would they be ok without my tender loving care?!

Luckily they are in good hands, and just to prove it, I’ve been sent some photos – the greenhouse is looking a bit crowded:


And is that a tiny tomato I see? As well as an even tinier cucumber?



And look, some tasty ripe strawberries, I’m hoping there are still some left to pick when we get home:



I can relax and enjoy the rest of our holiday now… and try and resist the urge to plant some tomatoes round our villa, with this heat, they’d do very well 😉

Tree Following – June update

The blossom has all gone now and our crab apple tree is really bushing out, such a contrast from my first ‘tree following’ entry in March.


This month, I have managed to capture a glimpse of the little sparrow who chirps away from the tree or up on the telephone line nearer the house – he is a very noisy bird, never shuts up. I’m not sure if they may have been nesting under the eaves this year. I haven’t managed to spot as much activity as we did with the blue tits who nested and fledged a little brood at the back of the house but there has been a lot of commotion and to-ing and fro-ing so it is possible.


The crab apples are beginning to sprout, any ideas for doing something productive with them, please let me know as they are very bitter to taste. I’m not the cook in our family so I’ll pass on any ideas – we’ve not really been keen on the idea of jams/jelly as we probably wouldn’t eat much of it.


If you want more details of the Tree Following challenge and have a look at a wide variety of trees that are being tracked, head over to the Loose and Leafy blog. If you click on my Tree Following category you can see my original post in March, as well as the monthly updates to compare the difference.