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Gardener’s Gifts

Gardener's Gifts

I’m definitely a gardener now, just look what I got for my birthday on Tuesday!

I have no excuses now, need to get all my packets of seeds organised and properly plan what I’m going to grow in 2014…


A lesson learned…

I had planned to sow some sweet peas today but found that my big tin where I keep my seed packets isn’t quite watertight! Everything was damp and some radishes were sprouting – so I had a good clearout, brought everything inside to dry out and am hoping for the best… I think my seeds better live indoors from now onImage. I’m not sure if the seeds will still be ok, some of the packets didn’t seem too damp so hopefully there will be some survivors.



Really want to get growing again, winter seems to be lasting a very long time. I bought a windowsill propagator in the sales (oh how I’ve changed!) and now have some hot peppers in one tray and moneymaker tomatoes in another. My other plan was to sow some sweet peas in the deep root-trainer propagator I also bought but there has been a slight hiccup…