Garden Mysteries: Whodunnit?

In spite of having a netting cover, something has managed to sneak in and make a meal of my courgette plant! Luckily I planted the other courgette in a pot which is in the greenhouse so hopefully we will still manage to harvest some.


The cucumber I planted in the same bed has also been nibbled but not quite so viciously – and is that the tiny beginnings of a cucumber I can see? Hope it will survive, again I’ve got others in pots in the greenhouse so we should be ok. I’ve now got it covered with a plastic crate held down with tent pegs for the time being and will set up another beer trap in this raised bed as I think it is probably slugs.



There has also been a tomato disaster, this time it was the little green insects nibbling away at the stems that did it. I managed to rescue a couple but they are looking a bit fragile so time will tell if they can recover. I really do have far too many tomato plants though and the greenhouse ones seem to be thriving (so far…).



In more cheerful (and colourful) news, I’ve been busy planting up hanging baskets…



Very busy weekend in the garden, I’ve finally got round to planting the tray of leek seedlings I sowed earlier in Spring, plus the sweetcorn plants and sown some beetroot. Several hanging baskets and a couple of troughs planted, quite a few things potted on, a hydrangea and a bleeding heart plant rehomed in much bigger pots and a lot of tidying up and sorting out done. I’m exhausted, I’d like a weekend to get over my weekend now please!

Delighted to have some roses flowering too, I even cut a few and made a little display:Image



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