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Allotment update

Spent a little bit of time at the allotment doing some weeding and general tidying up. I’m
looking forward to getting going properly soon but at least we’ve got some Brussels, cabbages and onions already in and looking healthy.




And while I was busy weeding, there was some progress made with the number two shed…


New Year Gardening Resolutions


I’d like 2015 to be the year when I really get the hang of this whole ‘growing stuff’ thing – we’ve taken on half an allotment and I’m keeping the three raised beds at the bottom of the garden too so I need to be a bit better organised…

In 2014, some crops went very well as this previous post outlined.

And some were a bit of a disaster – for 2015 I’m hoping for a lot more of the former.

So, my resolutions for the year ahead are:

1. Plan ahead – list the crops I want to grow, check the seeds I already have & stock up
accordingly and work out a monthly sowing schedule.

2. Sow little and often, staggering the harvest so we don’t risk wasting anything I’ve grown.

3. Grow more flowers – loved my sweet peas and marigolds this year and want to have more flowers I can cut for the house, as well as pots of them on the patio.

4. Waste less – we have three big compost bins and two bokashi bins now so plenty of
opportunity to ‘recycle’ anything we don’t eat as well as peelings etc. We’ve got a plan to have
some chickens on the allotment too, so that will help.

5. Keep on top of the weeding and general maintenance, little and often will be easier to

Think that will do me for now – I might need to give up work though, it is going to be
challenging to fit all this gardening in too! 😉

What a Waste!

Not much happening at the allotment at this time of year, but we pop down every now and then to keep on top of the weeds and just check that everything is ok.

The long way home is along a public footpath along some farm fields and we took that route back for the first time since the autumn. The first field was full of beautiful healthy looking sweetcorn earlier in the year:


Sadly though, it looks as though quite a bit of it wasn’t harvested, just hacked down to clear the field.



We turned the corner to an even sadder sight, a whole field of marrows that have been left to rot away! Such a waste of food. There is probably a valid farming reason for it, perhaps the sale fell through or the cost of having them picked and transported was greater than the value but it still seems a shame.

IMG_1228 IMG_1229


Really wish we’d helped ourselves to a couple when we passed through in the summer!

Under Construction

Ebay has been a great source of ‘not quite free but nearly’ stuff for the allotment. The
greenhouse was won with a £6.50 bid but the seller was so happy to get it moved out of their garden (small children, footballs and non safety glass don’t really work) she didn’t charge for it. And the shed cost £10.

But of course, both had to be dismantled and transported back to the plot.



We’ve put some heavy duty underlay (free from a skip at the greenhouse seller’s place…) down in the greenhouse frame to kill off the grass underneath and act as a floor. It also came with some greenhouse staging which will be useful.

One of the main reasons to get the shed and greenhouse up as soon as possible is the water situation – there is none at the allotments so we need to get our water butts set up to collect the rain water as it runs off (guttering is the next purchase).


The shed is now looking very good, tiny bit of patching up to do but it is just about complete. The greenhouse is coming on nicely too, about half the glass is back in already.




And here’s the man who’s been doing all this hard work, carrying in the wood he’s planning to make a fruit cage with…


More allotment progress…

A productive day at the allotment – took some water down in containers so I could finally get round to doing some planting.

Brussels and cabbages at one end of the new bed and onions further down.


I’m hoping all the netting will protect against all the creatures that nibble away at my crops…

On my way past the neighbouring plots, I took this photo of pumpkins – think I’ll be trying to grow some of these next year:


And also these beautiful Cosmos – I’m really looking forward to growing lots of flowers.


Breaking News…

Early stages but there are encouraging early signs of a bumper harvest at Broad Bean corner…


There have also been some sightings of unexpected strawberries in the forgotten about and completely neglected basket left over from last year:


Finally for now, a bit disappointed in this garlic from last Autumn as it isn’t quite as big as I thought it should be – hopefully it will taste ok though, it is tied up and drying out before heading for the kitchen.