Guilty of neglect…

But I’ve been making up for it over the last week. We had a great holiday in the South of France but my crops did look a bit thirsty when we got back, especially the tomatoes which were
looking very droopy. Plenty of water and some tlc was the order of the day but it has been a challenge as work has also been very busy.

There has been some potting on, tying, staking – and of course, plenty of watering so things are looking much better now.




I’m happy with the tomato, cucumber and courgette progress – broad beans are also looking good with peas beginning to make an appearance too. I’ll do a separate update about the
peppers soon, some are looking very good but not all of them.  

Still fighting the slug battle, I’ve lost a cauliflower and two lots of marigolds in spite of the beer traps and our family of frogs living in the back garden. My latest weapon is a layer of ash all round the edge of the raised bed of cabbages, let’s see if that does the trick.

So much to do, so little time…


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