Too early?

These are my tomato seeds, not looking too healthy yet, did I sow them too early? I’ve got them on the sill in front of the patio windows, maybe that’s not warm enough given the
weather we’ve been having. 

Really want to get out in the garden and have a tidy up of the raised beds, I’ve decided what I’m going to grow where, doing a bit of crop rotation between the three beds. Also need to
decide where to have my new (second-hand) greenhouse situated and get it put up. At the
moment though, although we’re very lucky not to be in one of the areas worst affected by floods, it has been too rainy and windy at the weekends and I don’t get home from work till 7.30/8pm so not out in the garden then!

I’m going to sort out my seeds later, but got some rugby to watch first…Image


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