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Potting on

The weather wasn’t great today but I had quite a number of peppers and tomatoes that had outgrown their current homes so it was a day of dashing out to organise new larger pots and get them planted, in between the showers.

I’m getting a bit desperate for my new greenhouse to be erected – at the moment everything is either on the old greenhouse staging in front of the patio windows or in trays on various
windowsills all over the house. I thought I’d lost two cucumber plants which I’d forgotten about tucked away in the spare room, but they’ve been sitting in the bath all day and appear to have perked up a bit, thank goodness.

Tomatoes are looking good but I’m not sure if I should be snipping a few leaves off at this stage or if that comes later.



I’ve repotted quite a few of the peppers but they seem to be growing at different rates so some are still in their initial small pots. I’m hoping that will mean they will give us a slightly staggered harvest instead of all coming at once…


Other jobs today included putting some lobelia seedlings in small pots – I’ve done half the tray and left the rest to see if they get a bit bigger as that was fiddly to the point of being nearly impossible! I also put some soil conditioner in the raised bed where my sweet peas are going – I was going to put them in today too but ran out of time before the rain started coming down heavily.

In spite of the weather, I really enjoyed myself pottering about in the garden although my nails are suffering a bit, am in dire need of a manicure!

Tomato update

Kept them alive so far, I think they are looking quite good. 


There is another tray of tomato seedlings not in this photo so I suspect I may be setting myself up for a glut of tomatoes – hope so anyway.. You can see some of my marigold seedlings in the top of the photo too.


Seedlings all seem to be doing nicely now, making slow and steady progress so their spot in the dining room seems to be suiting them.

Tomatoes will be potted on before too long, I think they need a bit more room.



The coriander is popping up, must remember to start regular sowings so that we’ve got some on the go all the time, I love it in salads and curries and we eat a lot of both! Delighted to see a little sign of life from the cucumber seeds in the pot on the left, hopefully all four will appear eventually.



Last but not least, I have one nasturtium making an appearance, let’s hope the others pop up soon. I haven’t used these little growing pellets before and the jury is out at the moment – I’ve got 6 nasturtiums and 6 extra hot peppers in them and this is the only sign of life so far.


Tomato seedlings

Time for the next step – transplanted my tomato seedlings into little pots. I’m not entirely
confident of my ability to keep these alive and well until they are ready to go into
growbags/large pots in the greenhouse, but I’m giving it a go…

I’ve also sown some more chilli pepper seeds today. There is still no sign of life from the chilli seeds sown at the same time as these tomatoes so I fear they might not have made it – so I’ve started again, let’s see if today’s seeds can make it.


Too early?

These are my tomato seeds, not looking too healthy yet, did I sow them too early? I’ve got them on the sill in front of the patio windows, maybe that’s not warm enough given the
weather we’ve been having. 

Really want to get out in the garden and have a tidy up of the raised beds, I’ve decided what I’m going to grow where, doing a bit of crop rotation between the three beds. Also need to
decide where to have my new (second-hand) greenhouse situated and get it put up. At the
moment though, although we’re very lucky not to be in one of the areas worst affected by floods, it has been too rainy and windy at the weekends and I don’t get home from work till 7.30/8pm so not out in the garden then!

I’m going to sort out my seeds later, but got some rugby to watch first…Image



Really want to get growing again, winter seems to be lasting a very long time. I bought a windowsill propagator in the sales (oh how I’ve changed!) and now have some hot peppers in one tray and moneymaker tomatoes in another. My other plan was to sow some sweet peas in the deep root-trainer propagator I also bought but there has been a slight hiccup…