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What a Waste!

Not much happening at the allotment at this time of year, but we pop down every now and then to keep on top of the weeds and just check that everything is ok.

The long way home is along a public footpath along some farm fields and we took that route back for the first time since the autumn. The first field was full of beautiful healthy looking sweetcorn earlier in the year:


Sadly though, it looks as though quite a bit of it wasn’t harvested, just hacked down to clear the field.



We turned the corner to an even sadder sight, a whole field of marrows that have been left to rot away! Such a waste of food. There is probably a valid farming reason for it, perhaps the sale fell through or the cost of having them picked and transported was greater than the value but it still seems a shame.

IMG_1228 IMG_1229


Really wish we’d helped ourselves to a couple when we passed through in the summer!