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Autumn Colour in the Garden

Plenty of colour still around in the garden, even though I’ve started to move some of the pots into the greenhouse for winter protection.

The hydrangea is still looking bright and beautiful:


Still have some summer pansies flowering and the fuchsias haven’t quite given up for the winter yet either:



And although most of the stocks are long gone, this one still looks pretty, so I’m reluctant to give up on it:


Nasturtiums are hanging on longer than I thought they would:


And so is this geranium:


Finally, a beautiful bit of autumn colour from this Prostrate Willow (Salix nakamurana yezoalpina) that we bought from a plant fair back in April:



Seedlings all seem to be doing nicely now, making slow and steady progress so their spot in the dining room seems to be suiting them.

Tomatoes will be potted on before too long, I think they need a bit more room.



The coriander is popping up, must remember to start regular sowings so that we’ve got some on the go all the time, I love it in salads and curries and we eat a lot of both! Delighted to see a little sign of life from the cucumber seeds in the pot on the left, hopefully all four will appear eventually.



Last but not least, I have one nasturtium making an appearance, let’s hope the others pop up soon. I haven’t used these little growing pellets before and the jury is out at the moment – I’ve got 6 nasturtiums and 6 extra hot peppers in them and this is the only sign of life so far.