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Busy day in the garden

It wasn’t quite the sunshine day we were promised but it was relatively warm and it didn’t rain so that was good enough for me! Really lovely Saturday, starting with a lie-in and coffee in bed followed by breakfast out at a garden centre near where we live.

I’d spotted some hellebores for sale and really wanted to add another one to the garden – this one was my favourite:


I had just the place in mind for it so straight in it went. We also had a quick look on the
reduced shelf and were absolutely delighted to pick up this mahonia for £1.50 – what a bargain! The colours are stunning and I’m hoping it will like its new spot in our garden.



More bargain hunting then as I was on a roll – wanted some colour to tide us over until
summer kicks in, so these gorgeous flowers from the reduced section fitted the bill. They are all now in situ, some in the front flower bed (after I pulled up dozens of chives to make room, how on earth have they found themselves in my flower bed?) others filling a few gaps in pots and troughs and I’ve made up a hanging basket with the pansies.





Once everything was planted, it was time to look at my seedlings – the marigolds have come up well so they went into my little pots, two trays filled so that’s 40 plants if they all survive. The stock seedlings look quite healthy but I’m going to give them another week. Also potted up yet more chilli peppers – I’d sown some more as I thought the previous ones weren’t going to germinate but now they’ve all popped up. 

Nothing to be seen from my cucumbers, coriander, nasturtiums or leeks yet, but plenty of time…

I’ve now filled up the bit of greenhouse staging in the dining room:



Now, what can I sow next…?


Hellebores at Batsford Arboretum

Spent a couple of hours today up at Batsford Arboretum, one of our favourite places. It was a gorgeous day, sunny and warm which made a lovely change after all the stormy and cold weather we’ve had. 

I wondered if there would be some evidence of storm damage, they’d closed the Arboretum on Friday due to the high winds, but there didn’t seem to be any major problems.

Fields of snowdrops looked stunning and the daffodils are nearly ready to burst into flower too.


This magnolia has plenty of buds:


This beautiful plant had a glorious scent, I’m going to see if we can find one to grow in our garden. Luckily most of the plants are labelled so I know that it is a ‘Daphne bholua – Sir Peter Smithers’ – whatever it is, it is beautiful!


But my absolute favourites are the hellebores – I’m a bit obsessed with this glorious flower which I’d never heard of a year or so ago.