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Last of the peppers

I decided to harvest the remaining chilli peppers today so I could tidy up the greenhouse and move in some of the fuchsia and geranium plants to give them a bit more shelter over the

Plenty of peppers to pick – some of them might even be pickled… 😉



I grew three different varieties but due to a lack of labelling skills, ended up not being entirely sure which was which.



We probably won’t be buying any chilli peppers for a while! I’ll definitely be growing them again next year but will hopefully be a bit more careful with the labelling.

I still have a couple of plants left – not sure if they will manage to grow and ripen this late but worth a try…




Pepper progress

Harvesting plenty of peppers at the moment – as mentioned in an earlier post though, I had a labelling mishap so until the peppers started appearing, it wasn’t altogether clear what we were going to get.



The three sets of seeds I originally sowed were Hotscotch, Hot Devil’s Brew & Cayenne but no idea now which ones are which.



Busy day in the garden

It wasn’t quite the sunshine day we were promised but it was relatively warm and it didn’t rain so that was good enough for me! Really lovely Saturday, starting with a lie-in and coffee in bed followed by breakfast out at a garden centre near where we live.

I’d spotted some hellebores for sale and really wanted to add another one to the garden – this one was my favourite:


I had just the place in mind for it so straight in it went. We also had a quick look on the
reduced shelf and were absolutely delighted to pick up this mahonia for £1.50 – what a bargain! The colours are stunning and I’m hoping it will like its new spot in our garden.



More bargain hunting then as I was on a roll – wanted some colour to tide us over until
summer kicks in, so these gorgeous flowers from the reduced section fitted the bill. They are all now in situ, some in the front flower bed (after I pulled up dozens of chives to make room, how on earth have they found themselves in my flower bed?) others filling a few gaps in pots and troughs and I’ve made up a hanging basket with the pansies.





Once everything was planted, it was time to look at my seedlings – the marigolds have come up well so they went into my little pots, two trays filled so that’s 40 plants if they all survive. The stock seedlings look quite healthy but I’m going to give them another week. Also potted up yet more chilli peppers – I’d sown some more as I thought the previous ones weren’t going to germinate but now they’ve all popped up. 

Nothing to be seen from my cucumbers, coriander, nasturtiums or leeks yet, but plenty of time…

I’ve now filled up the bit of greenhouse staging in the dining room:



Now, what can I sow next…?


Talking to plants..

They say that talking to your plants can help, so maybe all my impatient sighing about the slow progress of my chilli seeds has had an effect..



That looks much better than last week, so I’m a bit happier now (still impatient though…) The tomatoes seedlings are coming along nicely too, a couple have wilted and given up the fight but most of them are still going strong.



So that made me turn my attention to the sweet peas sown in my new deep root trainer. I did two batches but cleverly managed to mix up which variety went in which half – note to self – REMEMBER TO LABEL STUFF! So one half is doing very well, albeit going a bit leggy and the
other half not looking quite so healthy but getting there. I gingerly pinched out the leggy half, I always worry that I’m going to kill everything off doing ‘technical’ stuff like this but I’m gradually getting braver.



So far, so good. I’m resisting sowing anything else just yet, but I think I will sort out all my seed packets this weekend and do a bit more planning – can’t wait to get out in the garden now,
I really want to be more organised than I managed to be last year when all the rain meant I didn’t get round to doing much at all until April so everything was really late.

Some lovely colours popping up in my pots and window boxes outside the back door too:











Patience needed

I find the hardest thing about growing things is the waiting… and these chilli peppers are really trying my patience. I was on the verge of emptying the propagator and starting again – I still might if a few more don’t appear soon.

We were away for the weekend and before we left, I found this:



At last, a sign of life – hopefully at least one chilli plant then! We got back home again this
afternoon and look what has popped up over the weekend:



So I should at least have a couple of chilli plant seedlings to pot on – and now I know that they can take this long to appear I will try very hard to be a bit more patient! I’ve got some more seeds sown a couple of weeks later and I also put in some extra hot peppers a week ago so I’m hoping for a great harvest now. 

Hot, hot, hot…

Have had another go with sowing some chilli peppers as the ones I put in earlier don’t seem to be doing anything. Not sure if it is the seeds which were left over from last year, or if I’m
keeping them too hot/cold/dry/wet/dark/light… 

Bought these seeds when we were up at Batsford Arboretum at the weekend – hopefully we’ll get to find out if they are as hot as they claim to be…


Tomato seedlings

Time for the next step – transplanted my tomato seedlings into little pots. I’m not entirely
confident of my ability to keep these alive and well until they are ready to go into
growbags/large pots in the greenhouse, but I’m giving it a go…

I’ve also sown some more chilli pepper seeds today. There is still no sign of life from the chilli seeds sown at the same time as these tomatoes so I fear they might not have made it – so I’ve started again, let’s see if today’s seeds can make it.