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Hard at work..

What a gorgeous day today, sunshine and warmth at last. All my seedlings went outside in the sunshine for a few hours and I’m hoping for great progress from them now! I have been trying to get organised enough to plant out the broad beans I’ve had growing in the cold frame over the winter and finally, today was the day!


I’ve also planted some more broad beans in the row opposite so hopefully a staggered harvest will be ours later in the year. We need to put up some more canes and string – tomorrow’s job as I got sidetracked doing other things today. I’d also sown some cauliflowers last October and they have been sitting in the cold frame but not really looking too good – so let’s see how they get on in the raised beds. I’ve got them under the netting so hopefully they won’t get munched (see last year’s ‘Massacre of the Brassicas’!)


I’m not very confident that they will do very well, but might as well give them a try, I’ve (just about) kept them alive since last year after all…

Other jobs today included putting some more erinaceous compost round the rhododendron in a big pot in the front garden as it was looking in need of some tlc, lots of weeding and I’ve sown some more stocks and leeks as well as another couple of cucumber seeds. 


Hope it is sunny again tomorrow, lots more to do – need to get some salads going and try and rescue the surviving geranium and fuchsia plants that I’ve kept indoors over the winter.