Tree Following: October update

Oh dear, our tree is looking just a bit threadbare now, well past the glory days of Spring!



We still have a scattering of apples on our excuse for a lawn – I did try and collect enough to do something with them but they really didn’t look very appetising and certainly didn’t look as glossy and appetising as those I’ve seen in photos! So I’m afraid the ones I’d picked up ended up going to the compost bin instead of being transformed into crab apple jelly as they didn’t look healthy enough to want to eat.


If you want more details of the Tree Following challenge and to have a look at a wide variety of trees that are being tracked, head over to the Loose and Leafy blog. If you click on my Tree
Following category you can see my original post in March, as well as the monthly updates to compare the difference.


6 thoughts on “Tree Following: October update

  1. Janet/Plantaliscious

    I know what you mean, I have an ornamental plum, and this year it actually produced a fine array of fruit. I meant to check whether I could do anything edible with them, but instead life moved on and they dropped to the ground, to be eaten by slugs, snails, and anything else wandering around that fancied the smell. At least your fruit went on the compost heap!


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