Hoping for rain…

Crazy I know, but I’d really like a few downpours, preferably overnight to avoid spoiling the
lovely weather we are having at the moment. Our allotment has no water, so every plot has a
variety of receptacles to collect rain water – but of course we have only just taken over our half plot so our containers are empty!

I think we’re going to have to get some containers we can carry and take them down there from home as I can’t plant my cabbages and sprouts without watering them. Really can’t wait to get them in as Gary has worked wonders on the plot.


Those are raspberries on the right, we’re keeping them, as well as some asparagus which was just about covered up by the long grass before we cleared it.

Some of the nearby plots look fantastic, I’m getting lots of ideas about what to grow next year. Definitely some flowers, I fancy having a cut flower patch as well as some giant sunflowers. I fished out some of the free packets of seeds I’ve been collecting hoarding and will make a start with them I think.


We also saw that quite a few of our plot neighbours are growing things in car tyres which looks like a great idea – something else for Gary to look for on Freecycle…


1 thought on “Hoping for rain…

  1. Chloris

    I used to have an allotment so I sympathise with you about the watering. It is a real problem in dry summers. I had a water butt but it was never enough. A great idea to grow flowers as well as veg.
    Car tyres- ah, Bob Flowerdew would approve.


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