Not looking good…

Bit concerned about my azalea – it is not looking very healthy at the moment.



It seems to have gone downhill quite quickly. I’ve tried some plant food and forking in a bit more erinaceous compost but nothing is working. Next step is to dig it out of the pot and try replanting it but I think that won’t be that easy a task. This is what it looked like in its full glory, photo taken on 28 May this year – really hope I can save it but I’m not confident at the moment.



4 thoughts on “Not looking good…

  1. dianaed2013

    Hope that you retrieve this lovely plant – do you think that planting it in soil would help? I live in area where azaleas are not supposed to survive so I make a hole, line it with perforated material and top it up with compost – at present they are healthy

    1. AllotmentinmyGarden Post author

      It is in a pot with what is supposed to be the right soil but all of a sudden it isn’t looking well. Thinking about digging it up and replanting in fresh compost but I’m nervous…!


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