Tree Following – July update

It is that tree following time of the month again – it does seem to be coming round faster as the months go on!

The changes don’t seem quite as obvious this month, plenty of crab apples on the tree but still very green. It all looks very healthy which is good – I think hacking it back quite drastically a few years ago did the tree some favours, it looks better for it.




If you want more details of the Tree Following challenge and have a look at a wide variety of trees that are being tracked, head over to the Loose and Leafy blog. If you click on my Tree
Following category you can see my original post in March, as well as the monthly updates to compare the difference.


6 thoughts on “Tree Following – July update

  1. Lucy Corrander

    Interesting. The fruits are rose-hip shaped. Looking forward to seeing them red. Will birds then come to peck at them or are they too sharp?


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