Rain, rain, go away…

I had big plans for a major day in the garden and greenhouse today but the relentless rain got in the way. However, about 4 pm it brightened up a little and the rain stopped so out I went. In spite of the weather, it was nice and warm in the greenhouse – oh, did I mention I have a
greenhouse now? 😉

Watered everything and decided to put a cucumber and a courgette plant in one of the raised beds instead of keeping them all in pots, will see how that works. Then decided to plant a
couple of my small hanging baskets, a fuchsia and petunia in each with a trailing plant I’m not sure the name of and a seedling which I’m hoping is a stock but may be a pepper due to
labelling incompetence… 

Then I set about potting on the rest of the stocks/peppers in that little batch, as well as another couple of plants which have outgrown their previous homes – getting absolutely soaked in the process as by the time I was half way through, it had started raining again.

Back indoors in the dry and warm again now, but with the added glow of having ticked off a few things on my weekend checklist. 


3 thoughts on “Rain, rain, go away…

  1. kirstys74

    I visited my friend’s allotment today and the change in just 7 days has been incredible! Everyone’s plots are looking so green and productive. The strawberries are especially delicious. Are you going to cook your courgette flowers too?


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