Operation New Greenhouse – The Grand Opening

I’ve missed a trick here, really should have asked a local celebrity or the mayor to come and cut the red ribbon to officially open my new greenhouse..


We had to have some more glass cut as there were some breakages moving it but my husband got that done locally and got everything finished this week – including building a great piece of greenhouse staging out of an old pallet and some planks. I’m absolutely delighted with it all and will be moving everything in over the weekend. photo-1697

Just to get started, I repotted a couple of the biggest tomatoes which have been living on the spare bedroom windowsill – let’s hope they survive the move as I really should have potted them on a bit earlier. Looking good so far though..



Busy weekend ahead sorting potting on the rest of the tomatoes and sorting out the
cucumbers and peppers too. 

5 thoughts on “Operation New Greenhouse – The Grand Opening

  1. crthompson2013

    Glad to see it’s all finished. It’ll be full before you know it! Don’t worry about your tomatoes, despite living on a windowsill they’re still ahead of mine and will probably romp away with the extra space around their feet.

    That staging looks great – love a bit of up cycling

    1. AllotmentinmyGarden Post author

      Thanks, it is nearly full already as I’ve moved in the flowers I’m growing for my hanging baskets! Gary is very pleased with his up cycling, it gives him an excuse for all the hoarding of odd bits of wood he does 😉


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