Peas and Beans

Just a quick update – the broad beans I sowed last October and planted out last month seem to be coming along nicely:


I’d also sowed some peas at the same, but although they survived the winter in the cold frame, they were looking very sad and sorry for themselves so I binned them and popped some more in a couple of pots. They went out yesterday, and I’ve also sown some direct in between these plants. I did start clearing the weeds at the back of the raised bed but more work to do there, maybe tomorrow…


Today’s jobs have included pricking out some more snapdragons – I still have half a tray of seedlings left over, I really thought I’d sown them thinly but obviously not! I’ve also pricked out the last bit of lobelia, I gave them a bit more time as they are so tiny and fiddly to handle.
Hoping for another day of sunshine tomorrow as I’ve got a lot more to do in the garden..


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