Tree Following – April update

My second tree following post – this will be a regular monthly update on our crab apple tree. I really thought there hadn’t been much change in the month, but the photos below show lots of new growth so it is coming on nicely. It was interesting to look back at last month’s photo here and see lovely blue sky, haven’t got any of that this time round!




If you want to know more about the tree following challenge, head over to the Loose & Leafy blog for more details.




2 thoughts on “Tree Following – April update

  1. Lucy Corrander

    I really like the looking-down-on-it photo. It’s not often one is able to see a tree from that angle – and before the leaves open properly it give a good idea of its shape.

  2. AllotmentinmyGarden Post author

    Thanks, must try and remember to take that view every month. This is a great project, I just hadn’t realised how the tree had come on since last month until I took the photos, will be great to track it over the seasons.


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