New herb garden project

My husband isn’t into gardening at all but he does love to build things! His latest project is a stepped raised bed and he then decided that one section could have a water feature in it. We’d seen something similar in a garden centre but were shocked at the £100+ price so he decided then that he’d look for some suitable wood and get creative.

This is the start of the project – next step is to put some soil conditioner into the boxes before I plant anything. The soil he’s filled them up with is part of the ground clearance for my new greenhouse so he’s been digging and barrowing as well as sawing and hammering! Think I’ll be on tea duty for quite a while now…







6 thoughts on “New herb garden project

    1. AllotmentinmyGarden Post author

      Thanks, can’t wait to plant it up! The wood was mainly old scaffold planks which were lying around doing nothing at the back of the garage so a real bargain 🙂


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