Running out of space

I’m missing my little plastic greenhouse at the moment as I’m running out of room for all my seedlings. Hopefully we will see some progress with the new greenhouse soon as I need it! Today’s activities included repotting some sorry looking cauliflower seedlings which have
somehow survived since last October. I put some out in a raised bed yesterday but still have a lot of plants to find a home for if they start to thrive in their new pots.

Sowed another pot of coriander plus some rocket and mixed salad leaves and then got a bit carried away with a small seed tray of lobelia, another of antirrhinum and some pots with 4 sweet peas in each and another couple of nasturtium in pots.

Then some tidying up, sorting out some empty pots and trays and thinking about what to grow next – before it was time for a lovely BBQ, what a great Sunday. 


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