Growing pains

Not quite sure that everything is thriving quite as it should but I might just be my usual
impatient self. I put everything outside when we had some sunshine on Friday but it was
chillier than it looked. All back inside again in the warm but now I’m wondering if my little
seedlings are warm/cool/dry/watered enough. 





I’m hoping that operation ‘new greenhouse’ will make some more progress next week, the ground needs levelling first as it slopes a bit which won’t work.  Still no sign of life from the leeks out in the cold frame and the mesembryanthemum seedlings have remained too weedy and tiny to transplant so I might have another attempt at sowing some more tomorrow. 

I’d also like to get my overwintered broad beans in the raised bed but I’m a warm weather
gardener 😉 Maybe tomorrow…


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