Nasturtium gone wild…

Not sure what to do with this, one of the other 5 seeds sown at the same time has just started to make an appearance and the others are keeping a low profile. I think it probably needed a lot more light so I’ve moved them now.



5 thoughts on “Nasturtium gone wild…

    1. AllotmentinmyGarden Post author

      They are little pellets that you put in warm water so they expand. Once the seed has germinated and is ready for potting on, it can just go in whole, no need to remove it. I haven’t used them before, jury is still out at the moment but I’ll see how my peppers and nasturtiums do… 🙂

    1. AllotmentinmyGarden Post author

      Thanks, I’m giving that a try 🙂 It is now on the kitchen windowsill after being out in the sunshine yesterday morning – couple of the others are popping up now so I’ll do the same with them.


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