Book Review: Life After Life, Kate Atkinson

What a book! Unlike anything else I’ve read – the story of Ursula’s life and death and life.. and how the smallest change, a different decision, or path taken can make such a huge difference.

If you could choose to go back and make a different decision, looking back on your life with the benefit of hindsight, would you? But would your different choice then mean that in fact your life was worse instead of better? How would you know the right path to take?

What happens to Ursula on her various incarnations made fascinating reading, sometimes very uncomfortable and you are almost hoping for her to die to make things better. As she grows up (again and again) you get a real insight into the lives of people during WWII, especially life in London during the Blitz.

No review can do this book justice, I wanted to start it again as soon as I’d finished it – and I also wanted the author to write another book about the rest of Ursula’s story.

My tip is to keep an eye on the date at the beginning of each chapter which will make it easier to follow in the beginning but once you are hooked, you won’t find it difficult.

This is a great book, a future classic I think.


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