Sow far, sow good..

Made a bit of progress yesterday, potted up most of the chilli seedlings and sowed some
coriander in two small pots – we use it a lot so I’m going to try and keep sowing little and often to keep us in stock. Also put 4 cucumber seeds in a pot – trying to balance my sowing a bit more than I managed last year. I also want to grow some Crystal Apple cucumbers, the little round ones, so don’t want to find myself with a glut!



Also sowed leeks, marigolds, nasturtiums, stocks and mesembryanthemum as well as some more hot chillis. The dining room is beginning to fill up now, the shelving below had to go out into the garden while we had family round for Sunday roast but that worked out well as the rain watered them for me. Now back inside in the warm.



That’s probably it now until next weekend, it is still dark when I get home from work so not much scope for gardening. Feels better to have taken another step towards summer though 🙂


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