One of the raised beds is ready, thanks to my other half who has dug it all over for me. I sowed some green manure towards the end of last year once the cabbages, cauliflowers and spring onions I’d grown were all done.  This year, I’m planning to put carrots and parsnips in this bed.


Behind it is the second hand greenhouse we bought at the end of last year – I’m not sure if all the glass has survived the move, but we’ll find out when we decide exactly where it is going to go and put it up. When I say we, I mean the royal we, otherwise known as Gary – I’m not renowned for my practical DIY skills, but luckily for me, he is! Can’t wait to have a proper greenhouse, I’ve had a couple of the cheap plastic ones so far but they are not really big enough for all the things I want to grow.


I still have a few things growing – this is garlic which I haven’t tried growing before so I’m
hoping it will be good. I’ve also got a few onion sets in and some cabbages which in spite of my best efforts in protecting them under netting, seem to have been munched a bit…



I’ve got high hopes that the frogs, which we keep finding every time we lift up anything in the garden, will see off all the slugs this year. This is a tiny one, with a little newt beside him but there are quite a few bigger ones too and we think there is some frog spawn in our little pond so we could well be host to a whole frog community by the summer!



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